The Sphere of Time (2018)

1. Swamp
2. Chains
3. Shimmer
4. Blackened on the Second Day
5. Infected
6. Manifesto
7. Supernovae
8. Decay

released September 7, 2018

All songs written by Red Usurper, Jason Keary and Chris MacNair except:
“Shimmer” written by Steve English
“Decay” written by Mike Foster

All songs © RED USURPER 2018

Recorded by Adam Lanteigne at Maison Florent
Mixed by Adam Langteigne, Mike Foster & Steve English
Mastered by Adam Langteigne

Although these guys definitely like experimenting and trying new things, this is an album that will please any metal head or rocker” –

Bucketlist Music Reviews

Guided by vocalist Scott Nicol’s admirable range – at times shifting between Dickinson-esque, near operatic delivery to full-on screaming with apparent ease – bassist Matt Vail and drummer Tyler Murray hold each song firmly in place while Foster and Steve English explore melody through an all-encompassing spectrum of tonal and dynamic range.” –

Grid City Magazine